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Our mission is to always keep our commitments to our customers and partners regarding quality, safety and comfort. Competence, reliability and trust are our representative values. Only on this basis we can establish and maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

The company Roplast Windows, headquartered in Romania, Suceava county, Suceava city is one of the leading north-eastern regional suppliers of PVC, aluminium and wood joinery with insulating glass in Suceava, Botosani and Iasi. The company is present on the market since 2002, when it produced the first PVC window TROCAL branded.

Since the very beginning we had the quality of being the only producer of the German TROCAL PVC systems in this area.

Later we decided to enlarge the range of our products, in order to meet all the requirements of internal and external markets. We launched the other top brand of Profine group – KBE and Kommerling and another top quality German system VEKA for the production of PVC doors and windows.

Therefore premises for a rapid and secure development were created by imposing the local market through quality products and services. This is the reason for that, the company enlarged its distribution area very shortly from the local and regional level to different countries in Europe, becoming in a short time exporter of PVC doors and windows in several European countries.

Roplast Windows managed pretty soon to become one of the most important partners of the German representative Profine and VEKA AG in Romania, and it was positioned all this time among the top ten manufacturers, partners Profine and VEKA groups in Romania.

Since few years we enlarged our products range introducing into production the aluminium systems CORTIZO, meeting and responding to our customers requests and demands for aluminium top quality windows and doors. Top quality architectural systems of profiles CORTIZO invested strategically into developing more than 50 systems for windows, facades, solar protection, glass railings in an aesthetical and functional creativity which is able to fulfill the most exigent demands for design and quality.

Certificates Qualicoat, Sea-Side, Qualideco, Ewaa-Euras-Qualanod are available.

The quality was, the quality is and will remain for us a major priority, so we constantly invest in technological development.

Our company OPENED a new administrative building and a new production sector in 2007, with a production area of 1400 sqm and over 3000 sqm fully equipped outdoor spaces for storaging the raw materials and finished products most safely.

joinery production unit joinery production unitjoinery production unitjoinery production unit

The new production unit is equipped with 2 new lines of production equipments from ROTOX Gmbh and ELUMATEC – Germany. These are computerized machines of the latest generation and they are able to provide high quality finished product, due to their highest precision in processing machining. Following these efforts Roplast Windows has become a trusted company for its employees and customers and a reliable partner in protecting the environment.

What we offer
The experience gained all this time led us to a sustained improvement of our products and services, giving our customers a wide range of products and services:


​PVC windows and doors with systems VEKA,KBE, KOMERLING and TROCAL;
Aluminium windows and doors with systems SCHUCO and CORTIZO;
Wooden windows and doors with different essences : oak, pine, spruce, meranti;
Conservatories and balconies;
Accessories for PVC and ALUMINIUM joinery: window sills, insect nets, rolling shutters, shutters;
Interior doors;
Residential garage doors and industrial doors;
Glazing in different structures: insulating units, architectural glazing for a wide range of glass projects;
Stained glass windows and sandblasted;
​PVC and aluminium decorative panels;
Glass railings and stairs.

High quality integrated services:

​Technical advice to clients in choosing optimal customized solutions;
Professional measurements, design and tender to the smallest details;
Transport for all our products to the site-works;
Installing the joinery at the site-works at quality standards;
Quick services during warranty and post-warranty.

Our team
Our development would not have been possible, for sure, without considering the most important resource that our company owns - human resource.

Our people are the source of our strength. They ensure our company's competence and reputation and they are the source of our vitality. Involvement and teamwork are our basic human values.

We do not impose limits and borders, that's why in 2008 our products and services have become known outside our country. Nowadays we deliver products and sell our services at the highest quality standards in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Norway, building in this way solid strong relationships with our foreign partners and durable, profitable long-term partnerships.

We managed to build a team of young, ambitious professionals all this time, specialized in this field.We created and added value in our products and services due to our management, the organizational efficiency, compliance procedures and predetermined rules and the sustained training of our staff:

we are closer to clients with a dedicated team of technical consultants and sales,
we permanently assure and improve the quality of our products and services with all our staff, qualified and competent in the field,
we promptly respond to any request by our specialists in the installation and service teams specialized.

Our experience, our seriousness and our performance is certified in an integrated system of quality management ISO 9001:2008, Environmental ISO 14001:2004 and occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001:2008. All our products are CE marked attesting the conformity with the requirements of the European Union quality standards and technical specifications certified by the international bodies and laboratories IFT Rosenheim.
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Since May 2010 our windows and doors are CE certified which proves the conformity of our products with the requirements of the European quality standards and norms and the technical specifications for windows and doors.
Allow all the comfort for your family

The way you choose the windows for your home is an important decision.

Enjoy lower costs for heating the spaces inside the house without worrying about the outside temperature or any other weather conditions.
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Choose for sustainable windows and doors!

ROPLAST joinery offers maximum energy efficiency, easiest usage and durability.

Using our windows and doors you will save the costs for heating your home.
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Make investments in quality!

“Quality is never an accident but is always the result of a sustained effort.”

All our windows and doors are individually projected and produced, they assure highest thermal and acoustic values.

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Our seriousness and professionalism along with the permanent interest for following the quality standards made possible a lot of projects and works. You can convince yourselves about this either we talk about residential buildings, industrial sectors, commercial spaces, houses, resorts or even churches.

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